A Million Pound Hug | A Poem by Ankita Deka Bora

Only a million pound hug.

Mother’s captivating stroke.

The way father kissed on forehead,

Sister baited with the horrible neighbour,

Or felt jealous of things

She didn’t have.


A baai’s superfluous loud laughter,

giggling through her guava-full mouth,

with her sari haphazardly,

she worked like a grafter.


She often brought

handful of fleshy lychees for me,

passing a reddish smile,

all scarlet and juicy.


In the afternoon

we were engrossed

in the marvels

of father’s fairies:

Ramayana, Mahabharata, Tezimola

–full of excite and woes.

Our minds stepped

in the seas of fantasies

–a drowsy, dreamy, doze.


There was a gigantic neem-tree

in the front yard,

where we rolled round and round.

In the winter

the yard carpeted

with green-fallen vast veil.

Grandmother often sat there

under the sun

smoking bidis.


Now all are missing.

No more green veils to mop.

No more fleshy lychees to eat.

The wino walloped her to mad.

The children have grown up too.

No more marvels to engross.

No more leisure to relish.

Time swallowed everything.



the memories are

so purely treasured

in heart that, only

a million pound hug is vital

to play each string of its guitar.

Ankita Deka Bora is an emerging poet with English Literature as her expertise. Hailing from Jorhat,  Assam, she is very close to nature and writes mostly about the same, however, not limiting herself to one theme.

29 thoughts on “A Million Pound Hug | A Poem by Ankita Deka Bora”

  1. This poem generates a great sense of “tranquil restoration”. Loved every single line of it. Thank you ma’am for sharing this wonderful creation.

  2. Beautifuly explained the tiny little things that a happy family enjoys.. I too remember the egg fight.. These are the memories that make our past rich.. AND your words are just like ‘Sone pe suhaga’. Awesome. We wish to hear more from u…!!!

  3. Wow nice poem and nice write. I really enjoyed this work of yours. I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your thoughts put to paper. Bravo!!

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