An Adolescent Mother – A Poem by Anu Priya

An adolescent turned a mother while hospitalized 

clad in a dreary sari, deranged hair,
shivering, she approached with an infant
in her teeny-weeny arms baby-like,
with no motherly feelings, she herself was a child;

while the new-born was yellow in fever,
she could exhibit no sign of pang,
immaturity was in her conduct, and every tread.
her subtle nipples not yet grown enough to feed her child

a husband, lean and thin, with mouthful of tobacco,
he too was not yet eighteen, so, had no scope to shy
the marriage was a token of solution, to keep in right path the boy
though, one ‘right path’ towards the girl, upturned many lives hell-like

The mother-in-law seemed happy, she got a brand new toy
now, she wills to nurture him too, and make his path intensify
with all the probable solutions, as she had for her boy.


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Anu Priya Pathak Banerjee is a scholar of English Language and Literature. She teaches U. G. students at Guru Nanak College, Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

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