Arrival | A Poem by Ghanishtha Verma

Ah! Thine arrival
Arrival of saturninity and dejection
Of fear and tear; and
the prelim of expiration.

But really!
Is it true
Art thou impresa of termination and discontinuation?

Duh! the lights are on, but nobody’s home
The breeze you blow, no one knows what it flows!
The frozen leaves hide million feelings
In thy ambiance is smitten
fragrance of cloistered mysteries,
with persistent dreams- lost somewhere in hazy hap.

The devil world –
thought it’s impossible to untangle
But the summer’s around, in unraveled mystery; and
Heart in aghast calls winter again!

Hailing from Dhanbad (Jharkhand), Ghanishtha Verma is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in English. She is a calm thinker and observer. “In Eternity” was her debut publication.

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