Different Strokes : A Poem by Yamini Prashanth

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Everyone is different
Everyone is unique
And that is why this world
Can never be too bleak

People with different feelings
People with different hair
People all around the world
Who really and truly care

And this difference is so wonderful
For we see it wherever we look
In every second of our lives
In every corner and nook

I am not the same as anyone
And neither are you
Then why are some people labelled
“Different”, may I ask you

There are people in this world
Whom we don’t regard as the same
As us but since we are all unique
Are they really to blame?

Nobody is not different
At Least that’s what I feel
If only everyone could accept
That this truth is real

Then boy! How lovely it would be
No walls to keep people apart
Just all of us so unique
But beating with one heart

I would like to see that place
Be it ages and ages hence
Where we, us, brothers and sisters
aren’t divided by spite’s fence

Wouldn’t you, my lovely friend
Like to see it too
With some work, I for one
Think this wish can come true.

Yamini Prashanth is the 15 year old author of Mishti, a children’s novella, published by Unicorn Books Private Limited .Yamini wrote Mishti when she was 11 years old. The book was reviewed by our honourable ex-president, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Her second book, Best of Granny’s Stories, is a collection of 20 stories meant for 6-8 year old kids and has been published by Tinytot Publication. Yamini’s third book titled, UMA- not so perfect, a 35000 word, young adult fiction was published by Mango DC books .She is currently working on a book of poems. Yamini has also won awards for her poems in the CBSE expression series.

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