Fear and Faith | A Column by Abhisekh Ghosh

An outrage seems necessary these days regarding everything happening around.

Though events in the last few weeks were irrelevant to each other but they could be ‘aesthetically’ connected to examine and discover  certain human behavior and the matter concerning lack of intellectual ability to cope. I’ve been a long time atheist and I realized the reason for being one has much to do with lot of aspects used and abused through religion. Though atheism is my most preferred religious choice but at the same time, I do not recommend it to be adopted by everyone; a misinterpretation of atheism, I believe, will bring more entropy than we already have.

Just like the caste system generates mixed thoughts in the field of jobs and education, which however if examined as society in general, projects something really questionable. We still see the bigger gap when a higher class family has to deal with a lower class person. We always imagine a world where quotas are over, but couldn’t imagine how our parents would react if we ever have to marry to a lower caste. Therefore, as long as the society is unwilling to embrace humanity over caste, its important to ensure the lower caste gets the privilege when it can’t get the same in society. A country without this system will lead to the downfall of these OBC, SC AND ST once again as our mind is still bound by the chains of the ancient traditions. Though it looks controversial, the solution lies in front of everyone; its in your attitude. Until that is fixed its enforcement serves better purpose to the society than we can ever imagine.

Similarly, when we talk about atheism, we atheist think that the world will be more peaceful and pro-developed if the principles of atheism are well comprehended . We assume that people will work towards one single goal of taking mankind to a higher level. People will not judge the other on the basis of how they look, what their skin color is and what’s their name. The walls once created by religion will be broken and people will be more close to each other than they ever have been. Yes, this is an ideal situation. But this isn’t necessarily the only outcome. Human mind is the source of all evil and all good as well. More importantly, human mind is very unpredictable and can take its call in an unimaginably opposite direction.  The decision making within twin varies indefinitely, and we are talking about a large mass of people who would just lose their biggest fear: religion!

Importance of Religion: Great scholars who have researched on this, argue, that organized religion serve to provide a bond between unrelated individuals who would otherwise be more prone to enmity. Though, with the introduction of many more such religions the purpose was only served within a specific religion. The greater indifference have been created with time when different religions seemed to be observed as competition and the race started to show one’s own as Superior, and the consequences have been to rough on humanity. Religion did contribute and continues in a constructive fashion, however; with blind faith and illogical followers it got its hand stained with crimes starting from sexual abuse of a minor to taking life of many innocents. Mankind as a whole and being so unpredictable, its existence is threatened everytime by making him fear the Creator and remind that he is being watched over by a higher power, otherwise the free will(possible potentials) which lies within a man can and will burn the world to its roots in no time.

To cite an example: One of my friends once shared a story about one hilarious ‘pan spitting’ incident that happened in the local UBI branch. They did everything possible to make people aware that spitting is ugly and makes the environment less likable. They did that by putting a bill board in almost all languages required. People read and ignored at their wish, it surprisingly started to attract more spitting. However, the same wall when cleaned and got replaced by a poster of a God, no one ever tried to spit again. It signifies that you’re educated enough but so fearless that you do what you want even if its logically incorrect. Now introduce fear, the brain stops it’s processing with one thought, i.e. the ultimate suffering which would be brought if one goes against the greatest and the most powerful. It works wonder in keeping the world order intact. Now, take away the fear and you may well experience stained wall with blood instead.

Though, we all want to see the world to be in a better place, it’s not that easy. An organized religion is keeping each other not to hate as we could have in it’s absence. Our development of mental maturity is similar to  those pre-historic men when religion had just originated. Reasoning, logic and moreover empathy are in the similar level. We can’t just save the soon dying earth with such an attitude. We need to learn a lot before we can rely on each other. And until then, God bless everyone!



Abhisekh Ghosh
Born blogger, however; corporate chains seldom let me write. Travel enthusiast and look at the world order from a tilted frame of reference.

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