“Gulabi Gang” A Poem by Manasi  Varma

When she first opened her eyes,
The world cooed her arrival as
Nature’s crime.
Born to a family, that craved a boy.
She was thrown around like a
Rag doll, a toy.
Educating her was such a
Waste of time.
Much knowledge will skill her for life.
Who will then, bear the World’s crimes??
She was tutored in servitude, and housework.
A woman’s duty, to oblige and
not deviate.
Marriage made her life a hell,
Bearing beatings on her body,
and soul.
She faced violations, whether he boozed
or not.
Her world tore apart, she birthed a girl.
Too broken, to handle life in repeat mode.
She wished their vassalage to end!!
Gathering all her might, she
Quested for a Gulabi Gang!!
Where girls like her stood tall, and upright.


Manasi Varma is pursuing Pharmaceutical Sciences at UIPS, Panjab University, Chandigarh.  A warm and bubbly girl, she reserves her quality time for writing and discussing matters of life. This is her first shared poetic rendition. She can be reached at varmamanasi32@gmail.com

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