Hope | A Poem by Surabhi Kashyap

Sudden Coughs, Lungs suffocated,
Bodies agonized, Souls charred.
Dropping down country by country.
Alarming situation globally!

One said, “Cease, cease”
“We can’t have it anymore”, said the other.
Numbers increasing; deaths increasing even more,
Lives lost, lost loved ones!

But We have our Saviours:
The Doctors and The Nurses,
The Cleaning staff, The Grocery dealers,
The Ambulance drivers, The Police officers
Working day and night, night and day!

Amidst all the chaos and uneasiness,
I saw something, Something beneath…

Beneath a thousand layers of dust,
Beneath a thousand shattered homes,

Beneath the sodden ashes,
Beneath the corpses in a boneyard,
Beneath the ruined forests,
Beneath the barren meadows,
Beneath the crumpled leaves,
Beneath the ramshackle cities,
Beneath the wistful glare,

Beneath every tear that rolled down,
Beneath every heart that broke,
Beneath every soul that’s lost,

Look; There’s still,
There’s still some
Hope Alive!
Hope of a robust dawn ahead.

Surabhi Kashyap – Born in Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and completed her schooling from Carmel School, Digwadih. She is a literature lover. Surabhi is a Logophile and loves expressing her heart through her writings. Presently, she is pursuing Masters in English from BBMK University. She usually writes poetry and articles. Her first published poem was “No gun, No knife!”

4 thoughts on “Hope | A Poem by Surabhi Kashyap”

  1. I would like to take a moment to thank you Surabhi for making us believe that after every sunset there is a Dawn. Dawn of belief, magic, hope.
    Thankyou to all the doctors, police staff, the cleaners and many more for helping every mankind at this point of emergency. Your poem is a great step to restore our Hope.

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