In Eternity: A Poem by Ghanishtha Verma

After long, the cordial
hues come, winds gently swell
and tell, clouds will soon come
bringing soft rain, smell of ground
the spattering sound
all clear, it’s raining, oh ! dear.

Alive again I do feel
rain soaking within my skin,
makes me sing and hastily
my heart beats, as if it flings.

Sweet, tender voices I do hear,
while kids romp in fresh, vibrant air
wearing half, folded pants
they enjoy bare-feet the serene land
free, careless and happy are they
as if it’s the only day
floating paper boats
in gutter of their sweet homes
they build, construe, their brand new hopes

School children on road
sing along, “rain, rain, go away,
come again another day…”
colorful, assorted umbrellas
portray phases of life in whole
glitzy lights and thundering sounds
make them wonder
how does it happen all around?

Rain drops touch my eyes, my soul
ah ! how exotic I feel
frozen in delightful forte crescendo,
I wonder, can I bloom again
as a flower in this blissful rain; and
can I groove again as a peacock
in its full grace? and retreat the thirsty heart,
which inside holds the fire governed.



Hailing from Dhanbad (Jharkhand), Ghanishtha Verma is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in English. She is a calm thinker and observer. This poem, “In Eternity” is her debut publication which will lead towards her numerous journeys in future.

13 thoughts on “In Eternity: A Poem by Ghanishtha Verma”

    1. Thank you very much sir..your words of praise means world to me. Blessed to have a mentor like you.

    1. The words paving a way to imagination,as the picturesque presentation reveals the inert desire to wet oneself in the soothing droplets.
      Great work done.Blessings in abundance.

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