‘Me Too’: Poem by Surabhi Kashyap


What? You too?
“Yes, Me too”— sighed the little diaper
Who had recently learnt speaking and was yet 
Only able to crawl.

The long skirt was too ruptured
to speak.
The short skirt stood astonished and frozen.
“But I thought, it was only Me”

“No, no, no”-
Interrupted the salwar kameez- ‘Me too, Me too’
The short pants sat in the corner
Quiet and numb.

Chaos and cries!
Chaos and cries were heard all around.
What had happened? 
When you know, when you find out,
You would freeze and stay astound.

All the fancy frocks, funky denims,
the simple shirts and the decorated tops
Joined the crowd.
All they had to say was- ‘Me too’

Elegant Burkha and well draped saree cried,
“Even we couldn’t cease the hunger in their eyes”

Such atrocity it was; 
Me too, Me too all around.

If only small clothes foment
Why?  Why? 
Burkha and Saree were never spared?
Why the little diaper had to suffer the shame?

Is it, is it some kind of a blame game?
“Clothes decide character”
Ah! This concept is unreal, a myth.
An imposer.
Clear your vision,
Clean your perception,
The length of the clothes isn’t an invitation.

The clothes have never been
in quest of attention.
Then why,
Harassment, rapes and molestation
keep continuing across the nation?

Even now clothes do not seek 
All they would want to have is your 

Clothes shouted in unison
— “Mr. And Mrs. Society
Please, hold on, hold on!
Enough of blames and enough of accusations
We have faced until now,
Listen to us as we speak.”

With all the strength and power,
The clothes have come to address:

“Dear Custodians of all
the Cultures and all the Nations
Kindly suggest, Kindly invent
An Anti-rape, Anti-molestation,
Anti-harrasment and an Anti-MeToo clothing
Because the ones already in existence
The saree, the skirt, the shirt, the burkha, the pants, the denims,
None seem to qualify.”

Surabhi Kashyap

Born in Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and completed her schooling from Carmel School, Digwadih, Surabhi is a logophile and loves expressing her heart through her writings.

Presently, she is pursuing her Graduation in English. She usually writes poems and articles. Her first published poem was “No gun, No knife!”

7 thoughts on “‘Me Too’: Poem by Surabhi Kashyap”

  1. Surabhi Kashyap, note this name down somewhere, I bet she’s going to rule the world of english poetry writing one day❤️
    A perfect combination of beauty, brain and a pure heart ?
    Loved the poem, keep writing ✔️

  2. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design.
    Great choice of colors!

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