METAMORPHOSIS | Ankita Deka Bora

I smiled, You smiled.
I laughed, You laughed.
I was running to catch the flying Kite…
You put Hundreds on my hands.
I cried, you became the clown
Put your smile on my face…

I smiled,
You grimaced.
I designed,
You crashed,
I try to plain the squeezed paper,
Re-root the joints,
Neat the scattered feelings,
Yet ‘things fall apart’…

You compressed my flying kites
Down to Earth
And tore into pieces…
Locked the door to the sky.

Now it’s you.
Who breathes when I smile.
Putting your heart to
Catch my flying kites
Even before I run.




Ankita Deka Bora is an emerging poet with English Literature as her expertise. Hailing from Jorhat,  Assam, she is very close to nature and writes mostly about the same, however, not limiting herself to one theme.

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