Micro Poem: A tribute to “Barsaat ki Raat”

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अब न होती
वो न भूलने वाली
बरसात की,
रातें तिलिस्मात की

अब तो बस
बरसती है चिंगारियां,
रातें तेज़ाब की !

All Rights Reserved, Varsha Singh, 2017

An engrossing love story between Aman & Shabnam. Aman is a struggling & talented Urdu poet who is making a mark in the musical world. Shabnam loves his songs & poetry. When Aman & Shabnam meet each other accidentally in a stormy night, they fall in love with each other. Aman is appointed as a tutor in Shabnam’s pavilion for her sister Ranziah of the recommendation of Aman’s friend Shekhar. Aman & Shabnam start romancing each other & plan to marry soon. But Shabnam’s father turns up as their nemesis. He insults & expels Aman from their house & further fixes Shabnam’s marriage with Aftab Ahmed of Lucknow against her wish. Khan Bahadur (Shabnam’s father) sets off for Lucknow with his family. A dejected & devastated Aman also coincidentally arrives at Lucknow in search of his fortune. As a matter of further coincidence, Aman discovers that the friend in whose house he is staying is actually the future spouse of Shabnam. Aman leaves Aftab’s residence without notice. Meanwhile Aman’s old pals Shabnam & Shamma arrive at lucknow with their father to participate in a Shayari challenge. Shamma is an ardent & secret admires of the lonely Aman. Whatever she does, is dedicated in Aman’s memory. Aman begins to pen & compose magnificent Shayaris. He begins to sing on radio programmes. Very quickly Aman carves a niche for himself in the elite world of Lucknow. Shamma & Aman meet each other at Lucknow. Shamma becomes overjoyed. Aman who is submerged in the painful memory of his lost love for Shamma’s does not realise Shamma’s unconditional love. Anyway, he becomes the heart and soul of Shamma’s father’s musical troupe. With Aman’s voice & shayaris, Shamma’s group attains pinnacle of success & popularity. A shattered & imprisoned Shabnam overhears Aman’s voice on radio & acknowledges that Aman is still in Lucknow. After an immense effort, Shabnam reaches one of Aman’s poetic duels. Shamma faints during the program. Her sickness gives a platform for Shabnam & Aman to meet each other. Khan Bahadur & Aman’s friend Shekhar reach the spot searching for the missing Shabnam. At this point Shabnam’s mother revolts against the tyranical & dictatorial Khan Bahadur. Even Aftab Ahmed supports Shabnam’s mother. Khan Bhadur gives in & the estranged lovers reunite on another rainy night.

Varsha Singh, Managing Editor, Reviews

Varsha is a Doctorate degree holder in English Literature, an Independent Researcher, Poet, Translator, Editor, Reviewer and Blogger from Jharkhand. She writes in English and Hindi.

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