My Body – A Poem by Dr. Richa


I love my body
Oh yes, it is beautiful!
My hair has a cut
I got it in the best parlor
Last week
My skin is shiny and soft
With cosmetics
I smile with delicacy
Each time I meet you
You love it
You told me
Again and again
My breasts are beautiful
Heavy and beautiful!
Tiny and beautiful!
Round and beautiful!
Beautiful in any case.
My lips are lovely
Red and lovely
Pink and lovely
Thick and lovely
Lovely in any case.
You assured thus,
In epics,
In poems,
In stories and plays
In movies, in ads
Oh yes, I am beautiful!
I am either beautiful
Or ugly
And nothing else.

I loved you
Because at least
You are not a rapist
You will not throw
Acid on my face
You will talk nicely
At least,
To my face.
And yes, I am beautiful
In your eyes
As you tell me often,
My mind is beautiful,
My soul, innocent
And then you touch my beautiful body!
For mind and soul
Cannot be touched
With the firmness
Of your grip.
I love it
I won’t deny
For this body is hungry for
The touch of your love
And you will never
Hurt it physically
At least.
This AT LEAST is that compensation
I live on
Day in and day out
And smile my soft smile
Shine my cosmetic face
Bounce my parlor-ed hair
Because I love my body
That you loved in your way.

I hate my body,
Let me tell you, honestly!

Dr. Richa is an independent researcher and a poet. She is a former Assistant Professor of English in Central University of South Bihar.


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