Perveiz Ali’s “Fractious Mind” Review: Imran Yousuf

Fractious Mind by Perveiz Ali is a peerless example of poetic excellence. It is undoubtedly a beautiful compilation. It includes poems speaking about author’s past, hidden yearnings, unfulfilled longings and daily observations. Perveiz’s writing is intelligent and his poems have a natural flow and cadence. The book lucidly defines his depth and strength in the field of poetry. He seems to be a promising writer who is going to set his standards pretty high.

With a beautiful introduction in the very first poem he defines his own being, what he is to his parents, society and this world. He writes,

I am a writer of my conscience,
Sowing minds to cultivate excellence,
Deviated in my quest by ego-driven zeal.
I am critical of the works of great masters,
Motivated to follow my own distracted discourse     (Who am I)

The metaphoric language he has used in poetry is abundant, yielding poems that are well rounded and intrinsically beautiful. Different trends are found in his poems that are quite alluring and attract the readers at the very first instance. Shape of the verses are explored, impacting how the poems are read and what feelings they conjure. Themes of death and uncertainty are meaningfully approached, evoking complex emotions and juxtaposing sorrow and beauty.

A poem “Paradise Lost” hold some breath taking feelings in it, he has filled his words with eternal life.

Our Garden of Love is now a land of gravestones.
Who shall mourn with me over the Paradise lost?

The poem speaks about the land, a valley which once was a paradise on earth, now has been forsaken for decades together.

Imagery is descriptive and complex. Verbiage is intelligent but without pretension. Poems come in an appropriate free-verse style. Thoughts are sated with profound imagination which takes a reader to next level. He writes,

In a palace of memories,
Day in and day out
A life dies a thousand deaths;     (Memories)


Whom to blame
My faith on a whim
Or the demons I nourished from ages
In the nectar of hypocrisy!   (Metamorphosis)

This work is a celebration of words and their powerful combinations. In its turns it functions as an ode to sounds and meaning. Experimentation even when describing something mundane makes the text significant and exceptional. This is a collection which has some magical powers and is gripping.

The work is beautifully observant and generates curiosity in an engaging way. Musings on individual fragility and on major life questions are introspective and intriguing. He writes,

For you
And the ilks of me
A grain of sand in a hand
Is a difference of universe    (Where Do I Stand?)

Written with beautiful imagination “Fractious Mind” is inspirational, full of tiny flashes of simple beauty. Sorrow and delight coexist in perfect harmony in this stunning collection.

Perveiz Ali has got an immensely powerful pen. It was a great journey, a great experience to go through his work. May he continue to pen down masterpieces!

Review © Imran Yousuf

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