Rajesh Kumar’s “The Other Destiny or Pelanty Gobernor – An Episodic Novel” (Authorspress) | A Review by Bhabya Singh

Born in Bhagalpur, Rajesh Kumar is a versatile writer, equally at ease in English and Hindi. His first work was a collection of English verse, Incest and Other Poems. His short stories have come out in various national and global magazines. Escape and Other Stories is an anthology of his short stories. Besides, as a renowned translator he has translated several Hindi novels into English including The Jungle Within, Me, Borishailla and Lords of the Global Village. His research works are regularly published in internationally acclaimed journals. He also has a number of academic books to his credit. Recipient of State award for contribution to higher education, Kumar is a Professor of English and Head, Dept. of English in Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag, Jharkhand.

The Other Destiny or Pelanty Gobernor
is a fascinating tale of friendship, dreams, realities, struggles, adventures, destiny and penalties, aesthetically woven through different episodes by Rajesh Kumar. Recipient of State Award, Rajesh Kumar is an eminent writer, translator and Professor of English at Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag. This book is indeed a masterpiece created by him containing everything from creativity to reality, comedy to tragedy, mockery to sensitivity and a lot more for the readers’ surprise.

The story features two friends, Munnoo and Chandrahas and their extraordinary life-cycle overblown by the people around them, the impeding circumstances and sometimes their own deeds. Chandrahas, son of a government officer became an IPS Officer and married “The Utterly Beautiful Girl”. S P Chandrahas had a contrasting childhood, when during a school play on “Porus Ka Badla” he was selected for the role of an attendant with one line of dialogue and no costume. Nevertheless, the “Porus” had his revenge. Munnoo, son of a widowed mother started working as a Communicator at English Academia after his failed attempt in Service Commission. However, Munnoo possessed an unusual “teen limited” talent of clairvoyance, but the irony was – it never worked in his own case.

The adventures of Munnoo and Chandrahas are amusing yet threatening at the same time as the story takes a serious turn with the commencement of Mid-term Parliamentary Elections and the least interested Munnoo got appointed as one of the Patrolling Magistrates. Since life is not a bed of roses, Munnoo too faced the same. He was eventually kidnapped by the Naxalites and was used as a bait to trap his dearest friend S P Chandrahas. Munnoo’s “The Hostage Situation”, “The Two Ends of Truth” and his “Royal Getaway” were full of vehement actions.

“Soon, all hell was let loose, with the sounds of firing… Munnoo hid his head between his knees…” (p. 197)

The loopholes and inabilities of education system are pointed out at different occasions in the book, at times brutally, at times sarcastically. The corruption and misconduct of government officials are ironically narrated.

Our regulation says the rank is important on a formal occasion, not the man.” (p. 161).

The real issues of unscrupulous and impotent administrative and academic systems, the menacing naxalites and extremism form a significant basis of the plot.

Hence, with a remarkable story-line accompanied by impressive narratives, this episodic novel is definitely a great escape for everyone. The plight of the two friends set in the scenario of Van-Pradesh is effortlessly engrossing. The end is not going to set the hearts at peace. Whether it was a brutal game of “destiny”, or a “penalty corner”, the readers may distinguish. So, for a unique, gripping and connecting experience, this book comes up to rescue!

Bhabya Singh (Columnist, Reviews) 
is a student of Commerce (pursuing Post-Graduation); however, with a fond love towards literature she thrives to read and write.

  • Paperback: 206 pages
  • Publisher: Authorspress (2018)
  • ISBN-10: 9387281965
  • ISBN-13: 978-9387281967
  • ASIN: B079T2TZ2Q

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