Remembering Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” (A Poem)

On a moonlit night, when romance blooms,
They faced the slithering grip of arms,
Reason being the gift they received in the womb,
From the womb with bloodshed body everyone thought a colour came out,
It was not red, neither the colour of justice,
It was the colour of the cornea through which we see,
But they saw the same colour as being an exposed evil,
Steps increased with their age and with deaths,
One by one by one, the count without any stoppage,
A country holding the arms of a continent suffered a colour distinct from space,
Not because their almighty made them different,
But the people circling the country saw their colour similar to a shadow,
They never showed intolerance with the shadow,
But now they believe the shadow on a human is contagious,
Romance bloomed in their country with hatred subsequently,
Politics revolved like a vulture over a rotten meat,
Dead bodies piled up, some with ripped penis and some with torn vagina,
With time the aching shoulder faced the weight of hatred against them,
Some veterans summed up this as their platform,
Hatred found a fuel from two limbs,
One with revolution in the form of voice,
While the other with violence in the form of revenge,
Now the colour started to melt inside beneath the arteries of the heart,
The colour of clotted blood, with molasses eating them,
World everyone believes to be a platform,
But rather it is a prison where present fears the present,
And the past enjoys it,
Crying was a choice which few adopted,
Arms were a compulsion inside a disaster faced country,
Windows started to slaughter their neighbours,
Violence became a penny with a octopus lurking inside,
Darkness smiled while it started to engulf the heart,
The chapter which started with a country now rests beside the continent.

Copyright – Kabir Deb. 2017.

Kabir Deb was born in Haflong and completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. After that completed his Graduation and Masters from Assam University, Assam. Poetry has been his passion and a hobby from childhood. He looks forward to change the society with the power of poetry. When the society is facing with many political and social conflicts he wants to show that poetry can destroy even the most destructive force in the society as poetry knows how to create. His work has been published in ‘​To be my Valentine​’ edition of ​Hall of Poets.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” (A Poem)”

  1. World everyone believes to be a platform,
    But rather it is a prison where present fears the present,
    And the past enjoys it, beautiful, Kabir Deb!

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