SUNRISE: A Poem by Goutam Karmakar

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It is a splendid view
when the sky becomes dazzling
with an orange hue.
Every object looks fresh and new
that dawn breathes with a crimson joy.
The spectator can’t miss such a scene:
the sunrays lighten up valleys
and the pastures green.
It is not just a movement of the sun
but, it gives one the energy
and freedom to begin the day’s run.

The rays bestows love,
not only, for the desperate earth
but, makes you awake by glowing
over the seas, and the horizons
and the tree’s underneath
for it soaks the darkness of the mind
by exploring.

It gives you a promise of beauty and grace
as it shows how lonely we are without seeing His face.
With every sunrise you reminds us that
how much kind and merciful you are.

The rays will remove not only the mind’s darkness
but also the age-old superstitions and ignorance;
You cause the birds to sing and symphony:
Is it an attempt of making a harmony?


Image may contain: 1 personGoutam Karmakar is currently working as a PhD Research Scholar at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at National Institute of Technology Durgapur (NITD), India. He has attended seminars and conferences on English literature across the country. He is a bilingual writer and his articles and research papers have been published in many International Journals. He has contributed papers in many edited books on Indian English Literature. He has taken interviews of notable Indian poets writing in English. He loves to read and write poetry and his debut poetic volume written in English is going to publish very soon. He seeks interest in Indian English Literature specially poetry, Postmodern and Postcolonial literature, gender studies, queer theory, ecocritical studies, dalit literature, folklore and culture studies.

2 thoughts on “SUNRISE: A Poem by Goutam Karmakar”

  1. I love this beautiful poem on Sunrise. The poet creates a sense of appreciation in his readers about sunrise and its many nuances. Well written with appropriate diction and movement.

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