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Image result for the amigos tanmay dubeyStories revolving around college campus, capturing the lives of young graduates are brimming with full fledge for a decade or so. After instating the fervent increase of an enormous lay readership these stories are now prodding new hands to pick up pen to verbalize their campus experience. The novel “Amigos” is one of such renditions that the duo Tanmay Dubey and Rahul Tiwari come up with.

Beginning in the backdrop of much patriotic fervour the novel unwraps the story of three friends; Ritesh, Rehan and Rahul. Major Ritesh Dhawan is on a ghastly mission to catch hold of three terrorists convicted of a recent bomb blast in Delhi during which he gets fatally injured. This unwelcomed incident creates huge commotion in the lives of other two college friends who immediately rush to him leaving their respective mundane lives to devote themselves for the sake of their friendship.

By then the narrative deftly slips back to the cherished days the trio have had in their college. It was a plate full of interesting anecdotes of brotherhood, of woo, of love and hate, of hardships and ultimately of togetherness. Rahul, the craziest one in the group, often does craziest things. His heart douses deep in love at the sight of a girl from fresh batch, Neha Khare, who unexpectedly challenges him to beat her in a 200-metre race. But does Rahul win the race?

The duo (Tanmay and Rahul) has made an earnest effort to divulge the latent corruption in contemporary Indian education that is being degraded as a platform for extorting money. Himanshu Mahajan’s suicide attempt exemplifies this grave reality. What follows is the risky venture of the three friends to expose the corrupt officials and the consequences that proceed is of no good for them. So obvious! Again, the writers have stroke no new cord here. However, that would be enthralling (funny as well) to see how the characters fight recurrently in spite of all intimidations. In the wake of these tensed ambiances Rahul’s strained filial relation is also stripped bare.

Ensuing further dilemma Rehan get to know of the lethal illness his father Rahim has been suffering since long. Moreover at the end stage of his life Rahim cajoles Rehan to settle in his village and to contribute for its development when Rahul had a long desired plan to settle in abroad with his parents. How does this effect Rehan? Would he always lead his life with discontentment or would he recede his father’s wish in order to find his personal tranquility? Something to be explored by the readers.

Finally relieving themselves from constant mourning they retain their campus life. Rahul undauntedly confronts his romantic feeling for Neha in front of her parents. Everything goes perfect untill something unexpected happenes in farewell party that creates a big gap between the couple leaving no further scope for reconciliation. Would Rahul ever be able to reconciliate with Neha and his father as well? The story time to time comes forth to the hospital scenario where Ritesh is playing with death. Will he win the game or loose it? The destiny has something else in store for them.

Amigos is certainly a conventional campus-novel. Alike the novels of Chetan Bhagat this one is almost entirely about friendship, as yet again a trio of young men gets thrown together and despite confronting life’s sordidness performs their best. Despite the often childish simplicity of the story, complete with extremely unlikely events and several melodramatic ones, it is certainly readable and even with all its flaws it is a catchy story that can be enjoyed in a single sitting. By the end it is like an advertisement theme song that you won’t mind humming an afternoon.


Prity Barnwal | Columnist, Reviews

An avid reader and aspiring writer, Prity is a scholar of English Language & Literature. She can be reached at pritybarnwal93@gmail.com

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