The Bitter Transformation

A Poem by Sachin Pasricha

(Pic Credits: Jametlene Reskp at Unsplash)

There’s a fool in me, who refuses to see that,
Not everyone perceives, and acts the way one assumes.
The prentice in me, finds it hard to believe,
Not everyone is kind towards the deserving.
Not everyone is remorseful, of unintentional wrongs.
Not everyone is sensitive, not everyone is allergic to cruelties.
The stooge in me fails to assume, he won’t be getting as intensely as he gives.
My solicitous self is tired of being excluded, and the harshness meted here and now.
Isn’t it silly to, expect reciprocation from the worldly wise??

The novice in me finally chooses the road to change.
Rejoicing my own company, I ridicule the foolishness of those who befool.
Bluntly disapproving, the woefully selfish.
Self love becomes my goal; detachment and stoicism my contrivances.
The skeptic in me is reluctant to please, and trusts less often.
Bordering the Exclusionists, sarcasm became the vent of my frustrations-“sharp as sword.”
Cutting egos to smithereens; guiltlessly snapping the Insensitive.
I accepted as normal, the acts offensive.
Disinterested to argue with the rottenly moulded,
Dodging them to self fend.

The attuned me, lastly is accustomed to the ways of the world.
And is bitterly transformed.
Yet, displeased with myself in the new zone.
Contemplates if it was right to be foolish than worldly wise.

And in the haze of this world, why did I let go??
In bits and pieces, the step by step Sanskara anoints,
Performed like a devotee’s meditations, of making God from moulded clay.
Akin to a gardener’s routine watering, manuring to induce pleasant blooming.

Why did I choose to rub off the inherited goodness and get hardened??
Why did I choose to get grafted??
Is it not the time to be whole again??
To mature back to childhood, and be one honest voice,
Amidst the fake screams of the world.

Sachin Pasricha is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UIPS, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Human biology fascinates him; he enjoys reading English literature as well, and seeks expression of his everyday feelings by writing poems. He is an avid observer of human psyche and aspires to become a Clinical Psychologist. He can be reached at

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