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In a country like India, where you feel neck deep into the pool of (melodramatic, non-realistic, brain-shattering) daily soaps; the new concept of web series are somehow saving the piece and peace of minds. The most interesting one in the gang is a brand new web series The Good Girl Show by Dopamine Media, Written & Directed by Anu Singh Choudhary and Produced by Prashant Raj.

This show is a take on every sensible and nonsensical thing we go through in our daily modern lives. The narrative rotates around four young girls from DU staying in a PG (Arora’s PG Ki Betiyaan) who make Delhi their home with one adventure, one mistake, and one learning at a time.

It’s an endorsement from the team Reviews. Please, do follow it and share your views with us !

Varsha Singh | Managing Editor | Reviews

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