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Finally, finished watching the last episode of “The Good Girl Show” and all we can say now is that the team nailed it. Being an eye-opener the show ended well with a question to prod upon. A question seeking solution. Solution to the issues which prick our eyes like a safety pin on daily basis. Anu Singh Choudhary and her team points it perfectly, and that too with a thunderstorm.
We live in a world which ensures itself to be mature enough to handle every issue of any complexity, however, we forget the sensitivity of it.
The most crucial point which the web-series “The Good Girl” projects is, how do we ensure an atmosphere where each life can bloom with the feeling of safety entwined in itself? Actually, that will be the only way to be completely evolved. As we need more of evolution in human life rather than revolution. Revolutions usually end up being a force of emotional outbursts and all we need for now is sensibility.
With a backdrop of the lives of four female students from Delhi University, this narrative captures the space of each and every town, city, state and sphere of our world.
The characters portrayed in the episodes are all people with flaws and strength. Each girl in the show is somehow ‘good’ and ‘bad’ entwined in the same. But the important part is their strength, which brings them together in order to protect each other and thrive harder to show the world its real face.
As we know, that there are limitations to such web-series and they need to be brief in nature. It would have been fun to know the background story for all the characters who come together under the same circumstance. In order to quench our thirst of knowing more from this narrative, the Writer and Director of this web series, Anu Singh Choudhary is all set with the novelized form of this story, which will hit the stores very soon.
It goes without saying that the actors made the team proud by their efficient performance. It is difficult to tell so much of a tale within a span of 5 episodes in a country which is addicted to endless episodes which ending up for ages. The four fiery girls, Mahak Chhajer, Carolyne Mate, Tanya Singh and Srishty Jha deserve all accolades along with their supporting leads, Prashant Kumar, Ashai Sachdeva and Richa Kapoor for making such a show happen. More power to the producer, Prashant Raj !
As for now, we wait for more from this team of great substance !



Varsha Singh | Managing Editor, Reviews

Varsha Singh is a Doctorate degree holder in English Literature, an Independent Researcher, Poet, Translator, Editor, Reviewer and Blogger from Jharkhand. She writes in English and Hindi.

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