THE PERFECT CRIME ~ A Poem by Surabhi Kashyap

Pushing patience to the edge of difficulty
Beauty and perfection ask, its own cost!
Slapping the face with plethora of beauty products,
Starving the stomach with paucity of food.

‘Body shaming’ aren’t you tired of
this unpleasant chore?
Its cessation; isn’t what the mutiny within you asks for?
Or are you deriving pleasure out of someone’s insecurity?
Sooner or later it shall cease,
Only when the “shamed body” will decease!

Why do you overburden Us;
The imperfectly perfect beings with this encumbrance?
Why match the fake beauty standards of the ‘Society’
when its authenticity still has no existentialism.

What less, What more,
Do I ask for?
Wouldn’t it be perfectly fine to let someone live,
The way they love to?
Wouldn’t it be The Perfect Crime,
to let someone embrace
the magnificent mess they are?

© Surabhi Kashyap

Surabhi Kashyap
Born in Dhanbad (Jharkhand) and completed her schooling from Carmel School, Digwadih; Surabhi is a Logophile and loves expressing her heart through her writings. Presently, she is pursuing her Graduation in English from VBU. She usually writes poems and articles. Her first published poem was “No gun, No knife!”

68 thoughts on “THE PERFECT CRIME ~ A Poem by Surabhi Kashyap”

  1. As i told you…you have covered all d aspects of body shaming…from starting till end each line conveys a message …gud work..keep it up..b d same realistic girl..

  2. Great effort on a very important topic! Though it feels like this issue is gonna stay until oblivion. Wish these things bring about change. Love it! ♥️

  3. Such a refreshing take on an issue which perturbs so many people and that too in such an effortless way.Keep on creating such inspiring pieces;I would love to see more of your work❤

  4. Really you are my blessed child, very good,taste the success each time you pour your emotions and thoughts.

  5. The poem appeals to every single girl in the crowd. Congratulations Surabhi for touching upon the issue so perfectly.

  6. Each line give some msg n it really inspired me for eating whatever I want to eat …. Its amazing … It really flows !

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