“The Untold Realities” A Poem by Harekrishna Deka | Translated by Ankita Deka Bora

Painting Courtesy: Three White Petals by Ruth Palmer

All locutions are not told.
Some are untold
And some remain in possibilities.

Life is not owned by everyone!
It can be devoured
Even at the effort of life.

Millions of sperm strive
To get the shelter in ovary.
But only one acquires.
And the rest are absorbed
In the misery of fruitless defeatment.

What could have been-
A great-man or a coward:
All are futile to think of.
But they might actually have been.

Things which are revealed
With the birth of this verse,
Many remained vacuous
Behind those utterances.

They had too a possible life,
But somehow undone!


Ankita Deka Bora is an emerging poet with English Literature as her expertise. Hailing from Jorhat,  Assam, she is very close to nature and writes mostly about the same, however, not limiting herself to one theme.

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