There was a period when the leftist thinking used to conquer each and every student of India just because they used to search for the rational eyes of education. It never came just because a set of people migrated from one end of the world to another. It came just because people were tired. Tired of some boots over their head. Tired of chewing rats with their empty soul. Tired of getting unfair treatment among the fair rulers (as observed from the other part of the world).

Karl Marx

Marx never had the intention to live among the masses just for a spotlight. Neither Nicholas Tesla tried to feed people by saying ‘how inequality killed his achievements’. They just kept observing the world around them and then sharpening their minds to pierce the wounds, so that the masses can see what they are going through. I am not saying that the masses were blind. It is just that whenever fictitious entropy  will conquer the world, the masses will starve. It is necessary to have the proper entropy to believe that ‘not a single person will starve in the present world’.

Nicholas Tesla

When civilization first came into its origin, the main basis of uniting people was religion. Gradually, it changed its colour or may be it metamorphosed into a demon with countless arms, dividing its prime objective which was ‘Unity’. People started to scatter just like pebbles after you hit its bundle with a kick. Their roots and belief started to divide making them stubborn and dogmatic in nature. As the progressive education, marked its place, many followers of it started to go deep into the stomach of the religion where the acids ruled. Just like a hollow cylinder, they found the religion rich with moral thoughts but its followers to be empty with progressive thoughts getting extinct. Meanwhile, different parts of world started to rule the other parts, and revolution emerged from its womb. French Revolution was the start. But the father of the true revolutionary thoughts was Karl Marx, who single handedly placed a large mirror of the filthy society before its people. His thoughts on Society and the political arms engulfing it started to create the true entropy inside the hearts of thousands. Many revolted against him, and tried to break the mirror. While some took those thoughts and placed them deep inside their heart and were the sole reason for the independence of many Nations.

Marx and his thoughts when came into India found the starving people lurking deep beneath the capitalists muscles. The root of the Indian society is religion. But very few, who adopted Marx’s theory, saw the metamorphosis of religion taking place and dividing the people like shattered glass pane. Marx said that “Religion is the opium of the masses”. His rational theory struck like a lightning into the hearts of thousand Indians and they started to question themselves “Why are we following something which has lost its identity?”.

Centuries started to go round and round and now in the 21st century, when the Left Indians deliver their thought, some believe their souls are poisoned while some believe them as insane. But still, the leftist minds think of the people only and how they are suffering the swords of inequality. It is just that when many drums play together, then the sound of the santoor lives like a unheard citizen.

The society is not about how silent you can be when someone throws your respect out. It’s about revolting, even when you have only one arm to fight with. Revolution never came without a fertile womb. It is our fight to nurture the foetus that will lead to the birth of a new era.

My name is Kabir Deb. I was born in Haflong and completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. After that completed my Graduation and Masters from Assam University, Assam. Poetry has been my passion and a hobby from my childhood. I look forward to change the society with the power of poetry. When the society is facing with many political and social conflicts I would like to show them that poetry can destroy even the most destructive force in the society as poetry knows how to create. My work has been published in ‘​To be my Valentine​’ edition of ​Hall of Poets.

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